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Event Taps Testbench Main Window

Event taps are Core Graphics objects that an application can install in the system to monitor and respond to user input to any application from a keyboard, mouse, trackpad, scroll wheel or tablet. Using Event Taps Testbench, configure and install as many event taps as you like and monitor user input events in real time. In addition, configure how the event taps respond to user input by performing the example actions provided, by blocking or modifying user input before the events are posted to their targets, and by posting additional events before and after the original event is posted.

In addition to being useful in its own right, Event Taps Testbench allows you to explore our PFEventTaps Framework. Visit PFiddlesoft Frameworks for information about downloading, using, and licensing the PFiddlesoft Frameworks, including the PFEventTaps Framework. There, you can also download the source code for Event Taps Testbench to serve as sample code showing how to use the framework.

Event Taps Testbench incorporates the PFEventTaps Framework as an embedded framework. The application can be installed by dragging it into your Applications folder instead of running an installer package, because the framework does not need to be installed as a shared framework in the local Library folder.